dxGrid Hook Version 1.3.2

by Öznur Alişan

dxhook132.zip (70 KB)

When you write an application always you can not satisfy your customers. They always complain such as they want or don't want to see any field, change font&colors, save the cutomizations or print. So I decided to write a component like this (Outlook style). The component saves the customizations to infoHook.Ini file (application's default folder) and restores. You can change the filename by using the infoHook.Filename property any time (usable for multi-user applications).

This source is freeware. You can use it without any restrictions. we'll be glad if you send the modifications or any suggestions to
oalisan@infosys.com.tr & mussimsek@delphiturkiye.com.

This component an extension for Developer Express Quantum Grid 3.2, DxBars 4 and Printing System 2. if you don't have these components this hook can't help you.

if you have only Quantum Grid and dxBars (not Printing System) you can use hook with modifying "infoHookVer.Inc". Change the first line like this :  {.$DEFINE XPRESSPRINTING}

for Developer Express Component see

Translating other languages

dxGridHook is in English. You can translate any other language easily by translating the constants in in "strCustomize.pas".

we'll be glad if you send the translated file in your language. we'll deploy it in our component with your name & e-mail. if you don't deploy your name & e-mail please confirm us.

Translated Languages


see ReadMe.htm


You can ask your questions or you can write your requests in our dxGridHook forum: www.delphiturkiye.com/forum/   

Best Regards.

Mustafa Şimşek


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